Meet our Founder

In late 2019, Sunday Candle began as a candle-making experiment in the Denver kitchen of founder Michelle Johnson. Michelle is a fragrance obsessive, veteran Event Designer who was determined to teach herself all of the tricks of candle making. She knew the ingredients needed to be as non-toxic as possible, and that the design needed to be elevated and minimal, but also affordable. Michelle has always had a passion for candles and loved how they could set a certain mood or even bring you back to a certain memory. What began as a labor of love quickly evolved into a true passion and eventually, a small business. After months of testing hundreds of different waxes, fragrance oil blends, and wicks, she came up with the perfect blend made with coconut wax and fine fragrance. Michelle spends her time working on marketing, creative, and product development at Sunday Candle Co, chasing her little around and enjoying slow Sundays with her family.